Monday, July 6, 2015

Issue 5.5 Production Post Four

Renders for Issue 5.5 are complete, and I'll begin panel assembly for the five pages soon. It turned out to be an interesting exercise in short-length comics—a topic I've covered earlier—and I'd like to explore the format again, maybe next year, certainly after I've completed post-production on Issue 5. And looking at the complexity of the next issue, I'll need to marshal all my resources towards that goal first.

And the reason I haven't been posting as much is that I've made the jump to DAZ 4.8, with the new iray render engine. This involves a bunch of new adjustments that I won't go into much detail here, other than business as I've been doing it changes a bit. Once I get used to how the new renderer works and redo some assets to work with the new paradigm, I should be getting better and faster renders—which is essential as I get more sophistication and ambition built into the storytelling.

Stay tuned.
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