Saturday, August 30, 2014

Issue Four Production Post Two

Since my last post, Issue Four is chugging along. No renders right now—my energies are on the scene creation front. Hopefully within the next few weeks the scenes I've built will be ready to render and will give me some teasers I can post here.

On the digital comics end, ComiXology rejected Maya and the Outer Reaches. Can't say I'm totally surprised, and frankly I'm a bit relieved that the ComiXology saga is over, at least for now. Granted it would be great to be on the same site as the big leagues, but waiting nearly eight months (!) just to receive a rejection reply is a bit much for me to build my brand. I could pursue a further investigation as to why, but in the end I don't want to wait months just to get that rolling again, and who is to say the others wouldn't face the same fate? Which brings me to my next piece of news...

After some searching, I have found a couple of intriguing outlets for digital sales, the first of which I have actively joined! The site is, which allows Paypal checkout for easy sales, and I'm all for that. Uploading of PDFs is painless, the process takes just a few minutes, and best of all, it's free to join! They provide a readymade url for your product; what else do you need? Sales, that's what. So check out Maya and the Outer Reaches. Maya's waiting.

Thanks, and enjoy!

And thanks to Ryan Estrada for this great post on digital comics and ComiXology Submit. He provides some great ideas, talks you through pros and cons, and introduces other comic creators to Sellfy and Gumroad, the two sites I've researched as alternatives. Thanks, Ryan!