Sunday, April 20, 2014

Issue Three Production Post One

All right I'm back to post more production news—as the title says, I'm well into work on Issue Three. Currently I am working on better lighting and camera rendering, utilizing f-stops and focal distances to achieve the cinematic panels I have aspired to since this project began. Below are two teasers.

Still some ways to go but every render I do pleases me more...I'm finally achieving the look for Agent Maya I've had in my mind's eye for nearly a decade now! Obstacles are being overcome and each issue now is many times improved over the last. The story for Issue Three scratches the surface of the overarching mythology for Agent Maya, and just maybe a few questions will pop up to make you think what exactly is going on in the Solar System. I promised more thrills and exciting new vistas for each successive issue, and I'm ready to start delivering. Now I just have to bide my time until ComiXology approves Issue One—hopefully just another six weeks or so to go....