Friday, October 23, 2009

Neptune's Deadliest Ring...

...Has a brand-new, spiffier cover befitting its space locale. I designed the new one after some rethinking recently, and am much happier with the result. Space is dark and mysterious, so why shouldn't the cover of my favorite spacefaring heroine's first title be the same?

Moons of Ice and Fire to follow....

Monday, October 19, 2009

More To Come, Soon....

So stay tuned. I've been sprucing up the two Maya titles, giving them a bit of a polish.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maya Books Now For Sale!

Welcome back to IPTP Agent Maya! The first two books in the adventures of Agent Maya, Maya and Neptune's Deadliest Ring and Maya and the Moons of Ice and Fire are now for sale EXCLUSIVELY at! Priced $10.95 and $9.95, respectively, these two novels form the first in a series of stories focusing on Maya, an agent with the InterPlanetary Tax Police!

Maya and Neptune's Deadliest Ring:

"The 22nd Century needs a saviour whether it wants one or not. Maya's her name and she's the unusual sort of woman that drives tax dodgers and cheats of the Solar System crazy. With her diminutive stature, flaming red hair and semi-sentient sidearm Xibalba, she hunts down a rogue's gallery of planet-hopping tax cheats for the InterPlanetary Tax Police.

"Neptune Regional Authority Governor Van Noraesk has seized control of Neptune! Assigned to escort two young criminals-in-the-making to Titan, Maya is re-routed to arrest Noraesk, only to be captured and forced to fight in Neptune's Deadliest Ring, where the toughest of the tough combat each other in brutal contests. Parted from Xibalba and her speedy craft, Skeeto, and forced to rely on her young charges and a mysterious corporal, Alix Xilanova, Maya must survive Neptune's Deadliest Ring and restore order to the Wild, Wild Outer Reaches.
Plus These Bonus Short Stories: First Catch, Second Thoughts and Three's A Crowd"

and from Maya and the Moons of Ice and Fire:

"When assigned to a recruitment drive on Europa, Agent Maya becomes embroiled in a plot by the terrorist organization People’s Popular Revolutionary Task Force for the Defense of the Outer Satellites to wrest control of the Solar System from within the InterPlanetary Tax Police itself. Armed only with Xibalba, her speedy craft, Skeeto, and her unique predatory skills, Maya must literally defuse the situation above the volcanic moon Io and stop a coming war destined to end in interplanetary genocide."

If you love pulp adventure, set in the cold reaches of 22nd Century space, than check out Agent Maya!