Monday, December 29, 2014

Maya and the Outer Reaches 100% Off (That's Means Free!)

Starting today at Sellfy, Issue One of Agent Maya—Maya and the Outer Reaches—is free! That's 22 full color pages for nothing. Simply click on Share and Download. Choose either Twitter or Facebook to share with everyone the link to Maya and the Outer Reaches, then download. That's it. I appreciate everybody spreading the word. And while you're there, buy Issues Two and Three, just $.99 each. Over sixty full color pages of comics for $1.98. Really, you can't go wrong. Thanks, and enjoy.

Issue Four Production Post Four

Well I'm sneaking this in under the New Year's wire—two new teaser images for you! I've got about two-thirds of Issue Four in the can; now the big set piece needs to be setup and then rendered. It's taken me a bit longer to do this issue, as the holidays slowed me down due to the day job and a bit of software fatigue set in on me. I'm a bit disappointed in the looks of some renders I'm getting out of Daz Studio right now—hopefully the new iteration will please me a bit more.