Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update (Yet Another) and Issue One Production Post 8

Waiting for the resolution of yet-another kit failure on my Mac, this time one of my RAM modules, so I have no renders of Issue Two to show off this time. I was working on lighting new scenes when my Mac kept giving me kernel panics, which it had never done. Checking it out, I had only half the RAM I used to, annoying me quite thoroughly, since this is the second unexpected shutdown in production I've had to do. Meanwhile I've been writing Issue Six to keep me busy, which will be in a prospective "Second Season" in three or so years, depending on finances and interest in the First Season when it's complete. Or my attention span; it has a tendency to wander!

I have readied a nice, first-draft cut PDF of Issue One for beta reading. I'm pretty confident that it's as close to final as it'll be, but I'm still tinkering a bit with the dress (outside and inside covers). If I'm able to shake out a few pennies to do a print run, I'll need to up the page count to 24 (story count is 22 pages), so I'm deciding on what I want to fill the gap. I've thought about a two-page poster or perhaps some of the sketches from 2004-2005 I drew for the 1.0 comic I abandoned. Choices!

And since I don't want to post empty handed, here's a teaser for the (for now) cover of Issue One, Maya and the Outer Reaches