Monday, June 15, 2015

Issue 5.5 Production Post Three

Chugging along on Issue 5.5—I've rendered out a space scene with a neat new model I've put a lot of work into the past couple of weeks. I've also worked on a lighting setup for better spacescape renders, which will be quite important for Issue 5 in a few months.

In the non-comic department, I've been thinking about the future of what I want to do to supplement my income, since it's been tough to get any sales in a crowded and/or hard-to-publicize market like self-publishing. Having published two books and four comics, and done the soup-to-nuts work on them, I find creating and designing book covers a nice blend of illustration and graphic design, both of which are big interests of mine. I'm currently in bookselling, and have been for nearly twenty years, but find the retail reality soul-deadening after so many cycles of worry and dread about the health of the sector. I'd like to get into the book creation/production side of the field which would be more of the philosophy of do what you love while also making money at it. Ideally I'd want an online cover-design business (short of making gobs of mad cash by writing my own stuff, but anyway…); in the next few years I hope to work my way toward that.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Issue 5.5 Production Post Two

Issue 5.5 has taken a bit longer to put into production, but I have two pages rendered and several sets waiting. The big hurdle has been the framing scenes, involving many characters that can bog down the whole works just by sheer file size and rendering requirements. A month from now I plan on completing production and getting into post.

Then the big one awaits…Issue 5. If you've bought Issue 4, Maya and the Don of Venus (and if you haven't, head over there now!) then you have an inkling of the dread our characters face: the Mercury Tower. This last issue in the first season of Agent Maya will pit our heroine against her greatest threat yet—Yukyo Kopek and the tortured souls entombed inside that ghostly building….