Monday, April 6, 2015

Issue Four Production Post Six

I have a rendered cover for Issue Four, but without cover dress and all that entails, so I'll post that here next time. Meanwhile I'm continuing with balloon placement and such, which is the most tedious task in production, but one which needs to be done.

After completion of Issue Four, I will be producing a special five-page mini-comic (the story of which and its release to soon be apparent!) but it is within this first season's timeline, fitting after Issue Five chronologically. I'm looking forward to creating this special treat for everyone.

I'm also looking at some other spinoff-type stories, one of which stars a past foe, and another one-shot featuring two upcoming guest stars. Don't know when I'll get into production on these, but rest assured it'll be posted when I'm starting.

Issue Five will be ramping up this Summer. More details to come.

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