Thursday, December 31, 2015

Agent Maya in 2016

Okay, so I suppose I should've remembered to update the blog before New Year's Eve, but it will dovetail with a few things I want to mention. But first, some renders!

First, Issue Five is nearly complete! As usual for me, doing dialogue balloons is tedious work and I'm fighting the urge to procrastinate. I will persevere, though! Of course I'll update as soon as Issue Five is on sale.

Second, I'm working on a Season One collected graphic novel that I will release in print sometime in the first quarter of 2016. I've been looking forward to this for quite a while, as I decided not to go the expensive floppy route, as much as I wanted to. Details to come.

Third, I'm re-releasing Neptune's Deadliest Ring and Moons of Ice and Fire as a single trade sometime in the first half of the year, most likely to coincide with the Season One GN. Since the two stories are interstitial with the Season One issues, I felt it was finally time to dust them off and give them a shiny new cover, one that ties in with the comics completely. Not sure if I'll do any re-edits, but putting them together makes more sense, plus I can place a reading chronology inside.

Once these books are finally out of the gate, I'll be putting Agent Maya on hiatus for the year as I focus on a few other non-Maya projects I've been eager to tackle, which I'll post more about in the future. I have been writing scripts for Season Two in the past year, so when I do ramp up production I'll be ready to go.

Have a great 2016!
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