Sunday, August 11, 2013

Issue One Production Post 7

I'm back after a month spent rebuilding my files after the loss of my SSD. I'm not quite to rendering yet but I have one more panel I decided to redo for Issue One so I'm having to recreate that scene. I'm much happier with the rebuild of Skeeto that I'm having to do, if nothing else than because I have a new app called RealityPaint that allows me to paint textures onto models. This was a sore point of mine last year when I began this project and I had to find workarounds that only managed to satisfy me about 75-80%. I've also learned a few new tricks and techniques since I've been on this ride once, and am working on incorporating them into Issue Two.

As for Issue Two, I'm building a couple of sets and did some quick rewriting to throw in a few ideas I've had since the last draft of the script a year ago. I'm excited to be embarking on a new story as I am quite ready to put Issue One to bed and move on!

I plan on a few new teasers next post. See you then.
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