Monday, July 1, 2013

Eh, We've Had a Problem

I promised in my last post a teaser peek into Issue Two. Well, that's been postponed due to the fact that the SSD hosting my Daz3D app died last week, taking the two pages of renders I did a few weeks back and the Daz runtime folders with it. It's not catastrophic (that would be losing all of Issue One, which is safely triple-backed up) but it does put a spanner in the works since I'll have to rebuild the runtime and, after getting a replacement SSD, get Daz up and running again. And even then I'm not sure how that will affect the scene files I have backed up (Will I have to reimport .obj files? Redo clothing? No Idea!) But maybe, if I look on the bright side, it could be a blessing in disguise and allow me to build better 2.0 versions of some of the models I will be reusing (Skeeto, for example). It should make for an interesting adventure.
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